Leadership Traits

Leadership Traits :
Leadership is about the ability to influence, persuade and persuade as well as motivate people towards the desired outcomes and goals. This ability to inspire self confidence has become more important than ever given the opportunities that have opened up for leaders. With the advances of technology, there are more and more progressive internet retailers that are competing for the consumer dollar.

Another aspect of leadership that is also becoming a consideration in today’s corporate world is moral character. This is especially important in today’s business environment when the public is becoming more and more aware of their personal conducts, values and ethics. It’s actually been estimated that a personal character assessment can tell you the moral stance and values of a person within the first 45 minutes of conversation. Have you ever had an insight into what someone is about?

Some of the attributes that the dictionary lists as traits associated with this leadership trait are ethical, friendly and communicative, perfection oriented, self confident, strong and brave, good at decision making, flexibility, lenient, intellectual capacity, doers, dependable, energetic, high rank and career oriented, self motivated etc.

In addition, in certain businesses, a leader is forced to make decisions that will have great impact whether positive or negative and thus if they make a bad decision, it will impact people as a whole. The decision to make, what to do or how you go about doing a given task has ramifications for the organization and its people. In my opinion, the ability to make a decision based on your moral compass and not your ego is one of the key characteristics of an ethical leader.

Another one of the top traits of a ethical leader is the strong desire to continuously learn effective tools and techniques for succeeding and not becoming complacent during one’s journey. The successful person and leader is constantly the peanut gallery of an influential enough network or core group of experienced business associates and peers to be able to accept and forward a situation or message that they feel is in the best interest of your company or you as a leader.

In my opinion, one of the best traits that a leader should possess is the ability to develop and foster relationships with long lasting relationships. When you have trust and good working relationships with your peers, clients and partners it can take years to build new relationships. Only through either personal interaction or through engaging in meaningful dialogue is a leader able to develop meaningful relationships. Taking the time to develop options and solutions for making new and better business relationships can anytime set anthis personality to exude self assuredness and expertise in what they do and how to achieve success.

With the many positive benefits that a good leadership trait brings organizations and people around the world, it is going to be essential for the next generation of leaders to adopt a leadership style that focuses on self reflection and personal growth. If we look at the following top leadership traits: ethical, friendly, communicative, perfection oriented, strong and brave, and developing relationships with long lasting relationships, then I think this leadership trait will be necessary and rewarding for the next generation of leaders.