Hospitality and Recreation Jobs

Hospitality and Recreation Jobs
Hospitality and recreation jobs can be split into two major categories. The first deals with the accommodation and the second deals with the furnishing of the same. In most cases the work is mixed. The employers are required to furnish the employees with furnishing and require them to stay in the accommodation they provide.

A majority of the employment is related to tourism. People from the travel business travel here to conduct business. Hotel jobs are those which are engaged in the transportation of people, including hotel minivants. These minivans have to be provided with beds, rest rooms and other facilities. These travel therapists have to work on a contractual basis.

To furnish the houses they have to conduct interviews, choose the furniture, make the beds and provide them with other services. A few of them arrange for tours in the city of their employer. Most of the employers provide these therapist with health insurance.

Travel therapists employ about 50% of their staff from within the country. They first search for professionals who have the necessary certificates and certifications. Such therapists who hold college diplomas or university degrees are preferred. World Travel Research Organization certifies these trainers and these therapists are able to use their knowledge and expertise in order to give trainings to their clients.

Healthcare staffing companies also provide travel therapy therapists. Apart from hospitals, timetables of these therapists are decided upon by them. A travel therapist can take up a career in those places which have high excursions. They can work in Europe, Africa, Asia and other places of high tourism.

As the demand is increasing for qualified therapists, more and more travel therapy agencies have been set up. Healthcare organizations need their therapy professionals as they have more chances of locating for these jobs. Healthcare staffing companies in the United States conduct job placements for therapists. There are various departments in the agency that look after the therapy needs of the clients.

For the trainers and instructors in this field, salary ranges from $6000 to $8000 a month. They can help foreign trained therapists to train their students in the use of English and other dialects. This type of profession iseaned by the State in order to help them to learn about disabilities in the States.

For those who want to teach English as a foreign language, they must have a BA in other field and provide transcripts for students who study other languages. Travel therapists may teach at universities, centers and beginner learning centers in various countries. They can even teach at military bases.

The career of an ESL teacher is Tom’s dream. He learned about ESL from his daughter who is doing research on ESL in Cozumel, Mexico. She discovered that there are different numbers of programs around the world. She asked if she could take an English class. After the first lesson she realized it was not just training, but a life lesson.

She applied for ESL teaching jobs in Europe and was accepted into a company as a trainee. Within a year she was assigned to teach English as a foreign language in Amsterdam. Today she is doing her master’s degree in ESL teaching and is working on her PhD in ESL teaching. Tom is very proud of her success.

ESL teaching jobs are available in cities all over the world, so if you have a teaching degree and the desire to share your teaching experience with others, you might want to find an ESL teaching job in a country other than your own.